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    3 Things To Do Before You Hire a Home Improvement Contractor

    3 Things To Do Before You Hire a Home Improvement Contractor

    Do you have a home improvement project you have been meaning to do but just don’t know where to start?  Care Free Homes, Inc. recommends an

    organized plan before you undertake any home improvement project. Before meeting with a licensed contractor, determine your project goal, a budget, and research a contractor. Follow these tips for making your house a Care Free home!


    It is important to understand the ultimate goal of your home improvement project.  Are you looking for an addition to add more room for your growing family?  Do you want a deck for more outdoor living space? Has your roof reached it’s limit? The possibilities are endless and can sometimes be overwhelming. Prioritize your objectives and determine which projects are most important to you and your family.  In addition, make a list of your needs and wants. This will be important when you set a budget and start pricing the project.


    One of the most important things in any home improvement project is a realistic budget. The reason we stress a realistic budget is to save time and money during the design and pricing phase of your project.  A good budget up front helps to drive the design.  A budget also allows us to prioritize your needs and wants within your home improvement project.  In addition, Care Free Homes, Inc. recommends a 10% allocation to budget overages.  This 10% can be used for unforeseen issues or for wanted upgrades.


    People often ask,” how many prices do I need?”  The answer is one…the right one! There are many things to look for in a contractor. How long has the company been in business?  Are they capable of doing the type of work my project entails?  A good place to start is your local Better Business Bureau.  What kind of rating do they have?  How long have they had that rating? Price is a factor but it should not be the main factor. Ultimately it will come down to trust. Who do you trust will give you the best job for the best value.

    For additional home improvement information check out our website. When the time comes to start your project give Care Free Homes a call! We have been a trusted company for over 40 years, offer financing options, and free quotes. Get your free quote today by calling 508-997-1111 or by filling out our online form. Make your house a Care Free home!