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5 Portico Styles for Your Home

5 Portico Styles for Your Home

Porticoes are covered front porches that are used to add architectural detail to an entrance as well as protection from rain and sun. Porticoes can come in many different styles and sizes to accommodate your style and needs. The 5 portico styles for your home include columned, enclosed, stone, roof-only and balcony porticoes.

Columned Porticoes
Columned porticoes are very versatile as they can be built with different shape columns and details, two columns, four columns, six columns and so much more! You even get to choose the shape of the portico roof.

Enclosed Porticoes
Enclosed porticoes create a small room for guests to enter before coming into the main home.
5 Portico Styles for Your Homed
Stone Porticoes
Stone porticoes are timeless additions to grand or elegant homes.

5 Portico Styles for Your Home
Roof–Only Porticoes
A roof-only portico will improve any home’s curb appeal while keeping your guests sheltered!
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Balcony Porticoes
Balcony porticoes are flat roofed structures with railings that can be used for aesthetic purposes only or they can be built as functioning balconies.
decks and porches cape cod ma ri

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