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    5 Tips for Hiring a Contractor

    5 Tips for Hiring a Contractor

    When looking to hire a contractor for your home improvement project, there are a few red flags to be aware of before making a final decision.  Here are 5 tips for hiring a contractor:

    • If you are told you don’t need to pull a permit for your project, chances are the contractor plans to cut corners and is afraid of what an inspector will find upon job completion. Trustworthy contractors are fully licensed, insured and always follow local building codes and permitting laws. If you are asked to pull a permit, the inspector will hold you responsible for any problems found with the job.
    • Did you receive a quote that seems too good to be true?  Chances are your instincts are correct.  You are likely to end up with low quality products, no product warranties, and poor workmanship.
    • Were you asked to pay for the entire job up front?  The contractor could take off and never complete the job.  Large scale projects, like new construction homes and additions, typically require a deposit.  Custom built projects with specifications tailor made for your home often require a deposit as well. For simpler projects such as roofing and siding, homeowners should not pay a penny until their job is complete.  Requests for partial payment could indicates financial instability in a company. Never pay for a project in full before the work is completed and you are completely satisfied.
    • Be sure to receive all information agreed upon in a written contract.  A contract is meant to protect both you and the contractor – a legitimate company will want to give you a contract. 
    • Check the contractor’s Better Business Bureau reputation for any unresolved complaints.  Look for a contractor with an A+ rating, which means the company adheres to the BBB’s 8 standards of trust.


    Do your research and take your time!  There are great contractors out there if you know what to look for.  Here is a list of our personal accreditations.