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    7 Color Combinations That Will Transform Your Home

    paint brush 

    Transforming your home with color takes courage, confidence and a little know-how when it comes to choosing the right color combinations. Selecting the perfect colors can be an overwhelming experience with an endless array to choose from and deciding how to co-ordinate them successfully.

    Whether you’re looking to harmoniously blend, pair, co-ordinate or highlight the color in your home, choosing the right color combinations will not only transform your home inside and out, but also reflect your personal style and taste.

    Colors that inspire

    Express your color style and vision with confidence and change your ordinary home into a color-inspired sanctuary that embraces boldness, harmony, drama and playfulness. Our variations of the 7 color combinations will transform your home.

    1. Inspired by nature

    The inspiration for 2014 seems to lie in the beauty and tranquillity of nature. Draw inspiration from the ocean balanced with neutral and beige palates reminiscent of the landscape and driftwood around the sea. Contrast with splashes of yellow, white and pink to uplift the scenery.

    Nature color

    Color choices: Mint green, pastel blues, taupe and sun bleached yellow.



    1. Natural and industrial

    From brass metals to blacks and greys the hues of industrial themes contrast the natural beauty of earthy elements for a modern and dramatic color combination. Set the tone with hints of yellow and bold splashes of color.

    natural color

    Color choices: Charcoal, rich reds and browns, dusky yellow and calm teal.


    1. Going green

    For the environmentally conscious the fresh and invigorating hues of green inspire energy and optimism. Blend with neutral shades and splashes of white and golden yellow for a fresh and fun color combination.

    going green

    Color choices: Jewel green, mint green, golden yellow and beige.

    1. Lingering yellow

    Bring together the sumptuous warmth of the sun and soft pastel shades that invite relaxation and energise the senses. Combine shades of barely yellow contrasted with chocolate browns and stark white trim.

    green lounge

    Color choices: Creamy yellow, white and chocolate brown.

    1. Flirty and fresh

    Make the shift from natural and dark shades to a more flirty and fresh approach brimming with the soft pastel shades of blue, green, lilac and pink. Balance with calming neutrals that bring out the freshness in these subtle tones.

    flirty pink

    Color choices: Pastel greens, blues, lilac and pinks, natural neutrals.

    1. Classical and comfortable

    If you yearn to create the energy of a seaside cottage consider a more classical approach to the nautical theme. Blend darker shades of sea blue with soft palates of the sky and apple green tones contrasted by white and sandy hues that inspire the ocean and the surrounding landscapes.

    blue black

    Color choices: Sky blue, sea blue, apple green, off black and off white.

    Shades of grey

    Bring an element of earth into your home with comfortable and relaxing shades of dusky greys, cool teal, tranquil taupe and soothing beige contrasted by white or chocolate trims to create a cosy and relaxing ambiance in any room.


    Color choices: Light grey, dark grey, teal, taupe, beige, white and chocolate.

    Before painting, consider what mood you are leaning towards – sophisticated, traditional, luxury, laid back or bohemian, then choose your base color and combine it with brighter hues and monochromatic color schemes.

    Extend the personality of your home with creative colors that invite playfulness, reflect your personality and inspire feelings of relaxation, hope, tranquility and fun into areas such as your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or living room – colors that make you feel inspired, relaxed, comfortable, calm and satisfied.