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    8 Tips for Surviving Home Renovations

    Home renovation tips

    Whether you’re adding an addition or remodeling a kitchen or bath, a home renovation is a large undertaking that requires planning and organization.  Here are some tips to help you get through a home renovation without the stress.

    1. Research contractors – Fully research potential contractors in your area.  You want to be sure your contractor is fully licensed, insured, and has a proven track record with homeowners and the community.

    2. Be realistic – Home improvement projects are expensive as is and you don’t want to think about going over budget.  However, you should leave some extra room in your budget in case you change your mind and want any upgrades.

    3. Protect your belongings – Plan ahead by moving valuables away from the construction area.  Remove photos from walls, secure your decor, move plants and cover furniture to protect it from dust and debris.

    4. Rearrange – If you’re remodeling a kitchen, think about moving your refrigerator and microwave to another location so you can still have access without climbing through a work zone.

    5. Be prepared – Be prepared to cook all meals on the grill or in the slow cooker if you aren’t going to have a kitchen for a while.  Stock up on plastic utensils and paper plates so you don’t end up washing your dishes in the tub.

    6. Schedule – Make sure the contractor gives you an overall project timeline as well as the hours workers will be at your home so you can plan your day.

    7. Get away – If possible, consider a vacation during part of the renovation – or have plenty of activities planned to stay out of the house while work is being done.

    8. Pets – Think about putting your pets in boarding or find a friend who can pet-sit.  Construction zones can be dangerous for pets and lots of noise can be stressful.

    A home renovation can be Care Free if you hire the right contractor and if you spend some time preparing your home.  Check out our pinterest boards for hundreds of home improvement photos.