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    Avoid Frozen Pipes this Winter!

    Avoid Frozen Pipes this Winter!

    Pipes in unheated areas are susceptible to freeze during the winter months. If you do not heat these areas or keep watch over them they could potentially burst, and bursting pipes are one of the most common causes of property damage during the cold months! Avoid frozen pipes and property damage this winter with these tips!

    Keep your House Warm – Making sure rooms with pipes stay warm is important in making sure they do not freeze. No one likes when their heat bill is significantly higher during the winter months but it beats not having to pay for property damage if your pipes burst. Keeping space heaters in areas of the home that do not have access to heat, using door draft stoppers, leaving the heat on all day, and keeping the garage door closed can all help lower the risk of frozen pipes. If your pipes do freeze, thaw them slowly. You can thaw your pipes by using a hairdryer, a space heater, or a warm towel. Do not use a blowtorch, propane heater, or anything with an open flame. They could damage your pipes and potentially cause a house fire.

    Turn on Faucets – If your pipes freeze turning on the faucets can help relieve the pressure on your pipes. It can also help the melting process go by quicker. After you have thawed out your pipes completely let your faucets drip. Letting them drip will help prevent your pipes from freezing again or from freezing at all.

    Open Cabinets – Leaving your cabinets open in the kitchen and bathroom will help heat and air circulate. If these rooms do not have access to heat invest in a space heater. Once you have a space heater aim it towards the open cabinets, but do not put it near water or too close where it could start a fire. Always remember that whenever using a space heater make sure to keep an eye on it and do not plug it into a power strip.

    Upgrade Exterior – Updating your siding, windows, roof, and doors will help keep the cold out and the warm in. The exterior of your home is the first defense against the elements and if it is not doing its job properly it can put your pipes at risk of freezing. So if you notice a cold breeze or your electric bill is higher than usual you might want to think about updating your exterior. If you do decide that the time for replacement has come give Care Free Homes a call (508) 997-1111 or contact us online! We offer free quotes, financing options, and quality workmanship!

    What if my Pipes Burst! – If your pipes burst shut off the main valve right away and call a plumber! If any damage is caused take pictures for insurance purposes.

    Call a Plumber – When in doubt call a plumber! If your pipes freeze, burst, or leak and you are not sure what to do always call a professional. It is always best to call someone who knows exactly what they are doing so no more damage is caused.

    Following these tips will help give you peace of mind this winter and don’t forget to follow our Pinterest board for more helpful homeowner tips!