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    Bathroom Remodeling Tips & Trends

    Bathroom Remodeling Tips & Trends

    Whether you are looking for a small update to your bathroom or a complete overhaul, there are plenty of new ideas to inspire you.  Here are some trends to consider for your bathroom remodeling project.

    Let the sun in – Add natural sunlight to your bathroom to brighten the space and to make tasks like shaving and makeup application easier. You can add more natural light by installing skylights, larger windows, or by simply changing your window dressings.

    natural light bathroom

    Create an at-home spa – Add spa-like features to your bathroom to create a relaxing retreat at home. Consider a steam shower, sauna, or soak tub for your bathroom remodeling plan.

    spa-like bathroom

    Go high-tech – Hands-free faucets, control systems that let you choose the water temperature and built in stereo systems are just a few of the high-tech gadgets available today.

    shower with built in controls

    Be eco-friendly – Install a water-saving shower head, toilet, and faucet.

    Bring the outdoors in – Use natural materials such as bamboo, metal, stone, and wood in your bathroom remodeling plan.

    natural material bathroom

    Create universal design – Incorporate modern, universal design into your bathroom by installing a curb-less shower, seating, and grab bars for safety and luxury.

    curbless shower

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