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    Benefits of Vinyl Siding

    Benefits of Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl Siding is a popular siding choice for good reasons! Here are the top benefits of vinyl siding and why it could be a great option for your home.

    Low Maintenance – One of the best things about vinyl siding is that it is low maintenance! You do not need to paint, seal, and scrape away every few years to keep your siding in tip-top shape. All you need to do is give your siding a gentle wash about once a year. Allowing you to spend more time enjoying your home instead of working on it.

    Durable – Having a strong exterior is important. Thanks to its durability vinyl siding is the perfect type of siding for New England homeowners. A lot of New Englander’s live near the water and because of this, the exterior of their home can take a beating. They need something that can handle the everyday wear and tear and vinyl siding will do just that! It is rust, crack, fade, moisture, and insect resistant! Additionally, it can handle high winds and temperatures giving homeowner’s peace of mind.

    Affordable – Compared to wood siding vinyl is much more cost-effective! Wood siding takes a lot to maintain including painting, staining, and repairing rotted shingles. Vinyl eliminates those needs saving homeowners money in the long run.

    Adds Curb Appeal – Installing Vinyl Siding can give your home a total transformation. Since it does not fade or chip the exterior of your home will continue to look well maintained. You do not have to miss out on the traditional look of wood just because you decide to go with vinyl. There are style options that look just like cedar shingles or lap siding. Vinyl products offer homeowners a plethora of color choices and styles to choose from. Making your home the talk of the neighborhood.

    Quick Installation – Homeowners do not have to deal with the inconvenience of a long installation process when it comes to installing Vinyl Siding. It is a simple four-step process that takes typically a week depending on the size of the home. You can learn more about the installation process and what to expect on our 4 W’s of Vinyl Siding Blog.

    Vinyl siding no longer has a “cheap” look! It provides your home the defense it needs while adding curb appeal. Give your home the ultimate protection by installing Mastic vinyl siding! With fantastic warranties and solar defense colors, homeowners get the best low maintenance experience for their home. Start getting the benefits of vinyl siding by calling or contacting us online (508) 997-1111 for a free quote. Not sure if it’s time to replace your siding? Find out here.