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    Can I Replace My Roof in the Winter?

    Can I Replace My Roof in the Winter?

    Certified contractors offer roof replacement services to Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island homeowners year-round.

    Winter doesn’t mean you have to hold off on your home improvement projects until the warm Spring weather. If your roof needs replacing now don’t worry too much, your roof can be replaced during the winter months. An experienced roofing contractor will work with you to make sure your roof is promptly and expertly installed. 

    Signs You May Need to Replace Your Roof

    Even if you haven’t experienced roof failure, inspecting your roof and ensuring it is winter-ready is always a good idea. Roof replacements can be costly, but not replacing them when it’s time may end up costing you more money. Here are a few things to look out for when inspecting your roof:

    • Cracked or Curled Shingles: Shingles will naturally begin to loosen, crack and curl as they age. Curling is also a sign of improper installation and inadequate attic ventilation.
    • Granule Loss: Heavy storms and wear cause granule loss over time. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to replace your roof right away, but you should be aware of the amount of loss. If you notice granules collecting in your gutter downspouts or streaking patterns on your roof, it could be time to have your roof replaced.
    • Leaking:  Leaks can cause costly damage and jeopardize the health of your home. Prevent rot and mold with simple inspections. Examining attics, chimneys, skylights, and plumbing vents after harsh storms is a good idea.

    Replacing Your Roof in the Winter

    Perhaps you’re already considering replacing your roof, some contractors may tell you that they don’t recommend replacing your roof during the winter. They may cite reasons such as cold temperatures affecting the adhesive seal on your shingles, but how accurate is this?

    Asphalt shingles, like GAF Timberline HDZ shingles and CertainTeed’s Landmark shingles, contain a strip-off sealant that interacts with warmer temperatures to create a bond. Suppose temperatures start to drop when it’s time to install a roof. In that case, homeowners can be confident that a certified roofing contractor will follow the manufacturer’s cold weather guidelines to ensure proper roof installation. 

    Choosing A Roofing Contractor

    It’s time to replace your roof, what are some things you should consider? Besides the style and aesthetics of your shingles, you should allot some time locating a reliable contractor. Reliable contractors should be licensed and certified in the installation of the products they are using. Here at Care Free Homes, we are GAF and Certainteed certified, our team has extensive roofing knowledge and experience to make your project a success. We also handle your project from start to finish, we will never ask you to buy your supplies or apply for a building permit. Our team handles everything from building permit acquisition, product deliveries, and roof installation to final cleanup. 

    Are you considering a roof replacement? Get started on your home improvement project with a free quote. Send us a text, contact us online, or call us at (508) 997-1111 today!