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    Common Home Improvement Myths!

    Common Home Improvement Myths!

    Home Improvement can be a scary word for some but if you own a home you will have to deal with a project sooner or later. With many horror stories, unreliable contractors, and myths it is easy to see why people become uneasy when their home needs work done. If you are considering a home improvement project, learn about the common myths below to help ease your mind during the process. 

    You Should Pay Upfront – Contractors or Handyman who request a large amount for a down payment show financial insecurity. Always check reviews and make sure whoever you decide to work with is licensed and insured. There have been horror stories where contractors have taken money without even completing or starting a project never to be heard of again! To avoid hiring a bad contractor look out for these signs.

    DIY Saves Money – With DIY shows, blogs, and online videos it’s encouraging to see others fix their homes for less. Even though you see it on TV it might not be the best bet to try it yourself. If you mess up or even worse cause a large amount of damage your cost-effective project is now an expensive one! Hiring a good contractor will make sure your project is done promptly and done well at a fair price.  

    You Don’t Need a Permit – Permits are required for any new construction, additions, alterations, as well as things like plumbing and electrical. They are needed because they ensure that your project meets the guidelines for your area and helps guarantee your safety. If you don’t get a permit for any renovation work that has been done it will prove difficult when you try to sell your home and also puts you at risk of getting fined. If you hire a qualified contractor for your project they should handle all the permit work for you.  

    Follow All the Latest Trends – Trends come and go! What’s popular one year might not be the next. Spending your money on current trends can be a risk in the future when planning to sell your home.

    Lowest Price is Best – Home Improvement projects can put a strain on your wallet and everyone wants to find a great price to get their project done. Going with the lowest price can be tempting but there can be big reasons for the price difference. The biggest one being product quality. In most cases, it’s better to pay more money for a quality product when it comes to your home. You do not want to have issues down the line or have to replace whatever was done sooner than anticipated. Always educate yourself on the products that are being offered to make the best-informed decision.

    Keep these myths in mind when the time comes to update your home and follow our Pinterest for more helpful homeowner tips!