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    Copper Valleys featured on Fairhaven, MA Roof Replacement

    Copper Valleys featured on Fairhaven, MA Roof Replacement

    Our office features a new GAF Timberline HD Roofing System to give our Fairhaven Roof the best protection!

    Care Free Homes, Inc. has been based out of an 1890’s farmhouse for over 20 years. When it was time to replace our roof, we installed a GAF Timberline HD roofing system. Featuring a classic color for an antique home, we enhanced the beauty of our Hunter Green roof shingles with copper valleys. Here is a quick look at the installation and components of our roofing system:

    Roofing Contractor Fairhaven MA

    Workers inspect the roof deck of our 1890’s farmhouse.

    Stripped Existing Roof: For the highest performance, we completely stripped off the existing roof shingles in order to perform a complete inspection of the roof deck. Any rotted or damaged boards were replaced.

    Leak Barrier: To protect our building from water and ice damage, we installed GAF Leak Barrier. It forms a protective seal along the eves, valleys, rakes, as well as flashed areas such as vent pipes, chimneys, and skylights.

    Premium Aluminum Drip Edge: In order to improve the efficiency of water shedding and prevent leaks from a wind driven rain, premium drip edge is installed along the roof eves. Drip edge also prevents movement between the fascia boards and roof deck.

    Copper Valleys: We wanted to showcase the beauty of our roof lines with copper valleys. This architectural detail helps shed water off the roof and will weather to a lovely patina.

    GAF Pro-Start Eave/Rake Starter Strip: With Mother Nature as a formidable foe to our homes, GAF’s Dura-Grip adhesive starter course helps to properly secure shingles in place during a storm. This critical roof component helps protect homes against both wind and rain damage.

    Copper Valley Roof Replacement Fairhaven MA

    Copper valley enhances the beauty of our GAF Timberline HD Roofing System.

    GAF Cobra Ridge Vent: Ridge vents provide necessary airflow to remove excess heat and moisture in an attic. It inhibits the growth of mold and protects the health of the homeowners as well as their stored possessions. A properly vented attic will also protect homes in harsh winter climates from ice damming. (You can learn more about ice dam preventionRoofing Contractor Fairhaven MA with this helpful blog.)

    GAF Timberline HD Roof Shingles: Our most popular roofing shingle here at Care Free Homes! This performance architectural shingle comes in a fantastic collection of color blends, features a 130 mph wind rating and features the highest possible fire rating.

    When the time comes to replace your roof, trust your home to a professional contractor. As an award winning GAF MasterElite contractor, our GAF Lifetime roofing systems come with a 50 Year, Factory Registered, Non-Prorated Roof Warranty. With almost 40 years of experience – Care Free Homes proudly serves homeowners throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, Eastern Rhode Island, and Cape Cod. Qualified homeowners can even take advantage of our financing options. Don’t postpone your project – get a FREE quote! Give us a call at (508) 997-1111 and make your house a Care Free home!