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    Safety Guide for Decks & Porches

    It’s very important to check your decks and porches annually to be sure your family and friends will be safe while enjoying the outdoors.  Older decks are especially in need of inspection, as some may have been built before code requirements were in place.

    deck safety

    Decaying or split wood:  Check the deck, support posts, joists, deck boards, railings, stairs, and the ledger board for decaying or split wood.  Areas that are often damp and any small holes should be penetrated with a screwdriver to see if any wood splinters off.

    Fasteners:  Nails, screws and anchors should be inspected for rust, corrosion, and deterioration of surrounding wood.

    Flashing:  The area where the deck and house come together should include flashing which keeps water from collecting.  If the flashing is missing, damaged or allowing water in, it might be a good idea to replace it.

    Railings:  Push on railings to make sure there is no movement or swaying.  Also, make sure railings are at least 36” high and no more than 4” apart to keep your children and pets safe.

    deck safety

    Stairs:  Ensure handrails and railings are secure on all decks.

    Lighting:  Adequate lighting is an easy way to keep everyone safe on your decks and porches.  There are many deck lighting options available today.

    Fire:  Candles, heaters, chimneys, grills & fire pits should be a safe distance away from any flammable surfaces and/or protected by a non-flammable pad.

    Stay safe while enjoying your backyard!  Visit our Pinterest Decking Board for design ideas and deck accessories!