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    Exterior Holiday Light Ideas

    Exterior Holiday Light Ideas

    Who says the decorating needs to stay indoors? Bring holiday cheer to the outside of your home with these lighting ideas.

    Light up the Porch – Your porch is one of the focal points of the exterior of your home, so why not spruce it up. Adding lights to your porch will give it a festive look and make it a great place to share a cup of hot chocolate. You can outline the railings or hang lights all over for a more dramatic light display.

    Porch Christmas Lights

    Decorate Shrubs and Trees – During this time of year, our trees and plants lackluster. Decorating them with bright lights will bring them back to life in a stunning way.

    Wreath – A wreath is a Christmas staple! You can hang it on your front door or hang it on a window but don’t forget to add lights to really make it pop. 

    Front Lawn – If you really want to be the talk of the neighborhood decorating your front lawn with lights will make your home stand out. You Lawn Lightscan use lights that are shaped like reindeer, Christmas trees, and other holiday favorites.

    Walkways – Lighting up a driveway or a walkway will not only add beauty but will also be helpful during the night time when relatives and friends come over. You can go simple or opt for something more festive like candy cane lights. 

    Outline your Home – Give your home the full holiday light makeover by outlining your home with gorgeous holiday lights. With so many options to choose from you don’t just have to use traditional string lights! With options shaped like snowflakes and icicles you can really turn the exterior of your home into a winter wonderland.

    Laser Projector – If hanging lights is too much of a pain, but you still want to give the outside of your home that Christmas flair choosing a laser projector is a great alternative. A laser projector will project lights onto your home without all of the hassle. Some even have fun options like projecting different colors or animations. All you have to do is find the perfect position on the ground to place it. 

    When hanging up Christmas lights outside always make sure to put safety first! Never use indoor extension cords outside, make sure to only use lights that say outdoor use, place ladders on a solid surface, and never connect plugs unless they are clean and dry. Looking for more great holiday ideas!? Follow our Pinterest.