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    Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

    Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

    Fall has finally arrived! Get your home ready for the season with this fall home maintenance checklist.  

    Inspect Roof and Gutters – You do not need to go on top of your roof to inspect it. If you cannot see your roof well from Inspect your Roofbelow use a pair of binoculars and check for any missing, lifting, or discolored shingles. If think you might need to replace your roof but are not sure, find out here. Also, make sure that your gutters are clear and not broken so they can drain properly. If your gutters and roof are damaged it can cause much bigger issues in the home so it is important that both are in tip-top shape!

    Remove AC units – If you leave your ac unit in the window air can escape and enter through the extension panels. Removing your ac unit after summer ends helps ensure that no cold air can slip through.

    Turn off Exterior Water Sources – Make sure to turn off any exterior water sources and to drain and disconnect all hoses. If you do not do this it can damage and break your sprinklers, hoses, etc.

    Energy Audit – As the days start to get cooler your energy bill tends to get higher. To make sure your home is energy efficient and help you save money you can get a free energy assessment/audit through Mass Save. The assessor will let you know what changes you can make and offer products that can help lower energy costs. You can also read our blog “Ways to Make your Home Energy Efficient” to help!

    Fertilize your Lawn – Fall is the perfect season to fertilize your lawn! Even though you don’t see the grass grow in the fall theFertilize your Lawn roots are working overtime to prepare for the winter weather. If you feed the roots during this time you can expect your grass to look its best in the spring.

    Check Walkways/Driveways – If your walkways or driveway has any cracks now is a great time to repair them. If you wait too long and leave those cracks exposed for when the harsh winter weather hits water that settles in can freeze and make the cracks bigger, and no one wants potholes in their driveway.

    Block holes – If you walk around the exterior of your home and notice any holes and cracks make sure to fill them. Little critters like, bugs, mice, bats, and squirrels can make their way into your home and cause some havoc if you don’t.  

    Stock up on Wood – If you have a fireplace or woodstove starting to stalk up as the weather cools down is always a good Stock up on Woodidea. Do not bring the wood inside until you are ready to burn it because wood can carry bugs and termites and you do not want to let those critters into your home.

    Check Safety Devices – Safety devices around the home help keep you and your family safe so it is important to make sure they are working properly and replace batteries if needed.


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