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    How Finding a Home Improvement Contractor is Like Dating!

    How Finding a Home Improvement Contractor is Like Dating!

    Finding a home improvement contractor is sort of like dating – in both instances you’ve got some pretty serious stuff to consider and you want to make the best choice. Let’s have a little metaphorical fun and compare and contrast the best ways to find your perfect match!

    Online Dating / Contractor Website Browsing:  This is convenient when screening potential matches but would you ever marry someone by only viewing their virtual profile? No way! The best way to explore a person’s character and your compatibility is by meeting them face to face. The more time you spend with your potential match – the more you connect and learn about that person. The same concept applies to your home improvement contractor. Every business puts their best foot forward on their website but meeting with a representative in your home is the best way to see how a company truly presents itself.

    Friend Fixes You Up With a Date / Contractor Referral: A mutual friend knows both you and your potential match inside and out. They know everything: personal values, integrity, education, hobbies, friends – it’s one of the most trust worthy sources of information! If a friend has worked with a contractor in the past – they can tell you about their experience and what credentials and associations made them choose that particular contractor in the first place. If a friend recommends a contractor – let’s just say there’s a pretty good chance it’s a match made in heaven.

    Speed Dating / Drive By Mailbox Quotes: Do you want your life partner to be more than a name and a number? Speed dating is rapid fire introductions that don’t give you enough information to make an educated decision. Would you trust a contractor who drives by and just pops a quote in your mailbox? Absolutely not! Your life partner and contractor understand that you value knowledge and expect to know what comes along with that quote. You deserve to be lavished with a professional-grade products and warranties, 10-year workmanship guarantees, reliable customer service, and the peace of mind that comes with a healthy contractor-client relationship!

    Finding a contractor is a big deal! With a lifetime supply of horror stories from homeowners who’ve been heartbroken by an unreliable handyman or reckless contractor – it’s no wonder consumers are petrified of home improvement projects. With Care Free Homes you’re getting a company that will be there for you in good times and bad, a company that will return your phone calls, and make you feel Care Free for life!