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    GAF Lifetime Roofing System Components

    GAF Lifetime Roofing System Components

    GAF Lifetime Roofing System Components work together to form a perfect structure that protects your home to the fullest! Here is a breakdown of the GAF Lifetime Roofing System Components:

    • Underlayment is usually composed of asphalt saturated felt or synthetic materials. Underlayment is installed over the whole roof deck and delivers an extra layer of defense between the roof deck and the roof shingles.
    • Ice Dam and Water Shield offers added protection for eves, rakes, valleys, flashed areas around vent pipes, chimneys, dormers, and skylights. Ice dams and driving rain won’t be an issue!
    • Premium Aluminum Drip Edge is installed along the rakes to improve the effectiveness of water shedding. It also inhibits leaking from wind-driven rain and movement between the deck and fascia boards. Drip edge also keeps insects from penetrating the space between the roof deck and the fascia boards.
    • GAF Pro-Start Eave/Rake Starter Strip is installed to prevent shingle blow off and secures shingles in place during storms and wind.
    • GAF Cobra Ridge Vents provide essential airflow to eliminate extra heat and moisture in attics. It inhibits the growth of mold which in turn safeguards personal health in addition to their stored properties. A properly vented attic will also protect homes in harsh winter climates from ice damming.

    GAF Lifetime Shingles come in many styles and colors at an affordable price! Don’t postpone your project – get your FREE roof quote by calling (508) 997-1111 and make your house a Care Free home!