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    GAF Roofing System With FREE Gutter Protection

    GAF Roofing System With FREE Gutter Protection

    We’ll provide FREE gutter protection when you install a GAF Lifetime Roofing system on your Cape Cod, Southeastern Massachusetts, or Rhode Island home!

    As an award-winning GAF MasterElite Contractor, our customers are protected with GAF’s factory registered, 50 Year non-prorated roof warranty plus this fall we’re offering free gutter protection to eliminate the unpleasant chore of cleaning your gutters each year! Here are the benefits of having gutter protection installed on your home:

    Debris Protection: Gutter protection prevents leaves and debris from collecting inside your gutters which allows water to flow properly off your roof. For homeowners, especially those with two and three story homes, clogged gutters are more than a dreaded task on your to-do list – it’s a potentially dangerous project. Gutter protection eliminates the need to perch precariously on a ladder while removing sloppy debris and saves money so you won’t have to hire a handyman to clean them for you.

    Critter Protection: Gutter protection also deters small animals, such as birds and squirrels, from creating a home in your gutters. Nests will clog gutters and eventually break down and clog your downspouts. This can lead to water backup, water overflow, and the unnecessary chore of cleaning both gutters and downspouts.

    Snow & Ice Protection: Snow-filled gutters can cause excessive weight and warping of your gutter system. Gutter protection minimizes snow buildup and allows water to flow properly. Clogged gutters during winter can also cause excess water to drip over gutter edges which could create dangerous icicles that can injure people or damage property.

    Trust your home to the area’s preferred roofing contractor with over 40 years of experience! In addition to an extensive list of industry awards and certifications, we have been an A+ rated, Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau for over 25 years. Financing options are available to qualified homeowners and our customers don’t pay a single penny until your project is complete! Hurry! This promotion ends October 29, 2021.

    Call (508) 997-1111 to schedule your FREE roof quote and make your house a Care Free home!