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    GAF Roofing System in Pewter Gray, Fairhaven, MA

    GAF Roofing System in Pewter Gray, Fairhaven, MA

    A new GAF Roofing System looks beautiful on this Fairhaven Roof!

    Roof Replacement Fairhaven, MAFeaturing GAF Timberline HD architectural shingles in Pewter Gray, this customer added both curb appeal and value to their home. In fact, a survey of the National Association of Realtors revealed that homeowners can increase the value of their home by an average of 5% when they install a GAF Timberline roof!

    For this project, we stripped the old three tab roof and started fresh to ensure the homeowner had the ultimate roofing protection. Deck boards are then inspected for any rot or insect damage and renailed before applying underlayment to the entire roof deck. Thanks to our GAF Cobra Ridge Vent, ice and water shield, and drip edge – our roofing systems prevent ice dams and water intrusion from a driving rain. A properly vented roof allows air to circulate in the attic to maintain both a constant temperature and prevents excessive moisture buildup. Mother Nature can be a beast around here! In order to combat the high winds of Nor’Easters, Blizzards, and hurricanes – New England homes must have a roofing shingle that can withstand wind gusts up to 130 mph (three tab roofs DO NOT meet current building codes or wind ratings) and our Timberline Shingles do just that!

    Wondering what to expect when you replace your roof? Our 4 W’s of Roofing blog will help answer some of the most frequently asked homeowner questions! Ready to replace your roof? Give us a call or fill out our handy dandy web form to get a FREE quote!