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    Harvey Windows Cleaning Care Guide

    Harvey Windows Cleaning Care Guide

    When you are cleaning the glass and/or frame of your Harvey windows be sure to follow these guidelines to avoid damaging your windows. A soap solution with water and mild detergent, or a standard commercial household glass cleaning product should be applied to a grit free cloth or sponge to gently clean glass surfaces. Remove excess cleaning solution with water, and use a squeegee or lint free dry cloth to remove any excess water from the glass.

    • Do not use rust removal products, abrasive cleaning agents with cerium oxide (such as Soft Scrub®), razor blades, sandpaper, or other sharp instruments on glass surfaces.
    • When using a squeegee, be sure it is free of any debris which could scratch the glass surface.
    • Be cautious not to damage glazing or insulating unit seals by excessive use of cleaners.
    • If using standard glass cleaning products, be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions on label for proper handling and warnings.

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