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Helpful Storm Tips for Homeowners

Helpful Storm Tips for Homeowners

Living in New England we must always be prepared for Hurricanes, NorEasters and Coastal Storms. Here are some helpful tips for homeowners to use to prepare for these situations.

Take Pictures of your Home – Homeowners should take pictures of the outside of their home, the inside, and their belongings. If your home is damaged in a storm having a photo inventory helps make the insurance claim process easier. Make sure each photo has time stamps, to prove the day it was taken.

Helpful storm tipsGuard Entry Points – Windows and Doors are one of the most vulnerable parts of a home during a storm. Taking the necessary precautions to protect the entryways can help keep wind and rain from entering your home, or shattering your windows. For windows, you can use storm shutters if you do not have storm shutters a great affordable alternative is boarding your windows up with plywood. If you live in a high-velocity wind zone it might be good to upgrade your windows. Harvey Windows has Impact Resistant Windows that are perfect for coastal homes. These windows have a 120 mph wind rating and provide exceptional protection from wind, rain and wind-borne debris. For doors, you can board them up with plywood as well. Doing any of these tips is a very important part of keeping your home from being completely exposed in a storm.

Taking Care of Loose Items – When finding out that a storm is coming it is significant that no loose items are left to be blown around. Not only can you lose your personal items, but it can also cause damage to your home and the other homes around you. Just taking the time to bring in outdoor items or tying them down can really help your home from receiving any kind of damaging blow.

Check Gutters – Always check your gutters before a storm. If they are clogged up with debris you are leaving your homeHelpful storm tips vulnerable to water damage. Clearing up any leaves and other objects will help water flow away from your home. Need to replace your gutters? Request debris protection such as leaf relief.

Buy a Generator – Buying a generator can give a homeowner peace of mind, knowing that if their home does lose power they have a backup. Even if you do have a generator still keep all important electronics fully charged, and always have extra batteries on hand.

Prepare for Flooding – Keep the items in your basement safe from water. In case of flooding keeping your items elevated can help make sure that they are not affected if water does get into your basement. If your home is prone to flooding, keep a portable, gas operated water pump to remove excess water should the electricity go out.

Upgrading your Roof – Replacing your roof with a GAF Timberline Roofing System can protect your home from wind and rain damage. A GAF Roofing System has multiple components to help keep your shingles in place and keep water out of your attic. You can learn more about the storm-related components of a GAF roof by checking out this project blog. As a Factory Certified GAF Master Elite Contractor customers can feel good knowing their roof comes with a 50 year non-prorated lifetime warranty.

Taking the time to prepare for a storm beforehand can make all the difference. Use these tips to help keep your home safe.