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Helpful Tips For Energy Efficient Holiday Lighting

Helpful Tips For Energy Efficient Holiday Lighting

Helpful Tips For Energy Efficient Holiday Lighting by Dyanna Shulze and Stephanie Pickup

We all dread the electric bill after we put away the holiday lights – and perhaps while we’re putting them up! Here are easy, cost-effective ways to keep the bill to a minimum.

Lovely LED Lighting: There are many alternatives to traditional, incandescent bulbs available these days. Most of us are familiar with LED bulbs – but did you know they use 70% less energy than traditional bulbs? In addition to that, they are cool to the touch which makes them ideal around kids and around the tree. Explore the hundreds of LED lighting options for both the interior and exterior of your home.

Save With Solar: Another ideal alternative is solar-powered string lights for outside. These power up all day and turn on automatically when it gets dark. Better still, there aren’t any cords criss-crossing your yard or sticking through the kitchen window!

Super Fun, Fiber Optic: Add a pop of holiday spunk to your home with fiber-optic decor. These super cool, colorful decorations create magical illuminations using just one bulb. Most fiber optic products have fun, animated light sequences that transition through a rainbow of colors.

Set It and Forget It:  Automatic timers are a great to have your lights turn on and off for a limited time. It’s the perfect way to have the house illuminated before you get home from work. Are you someone who dozes off in the recliner watching your favorite television show or sports team only to wake up at 12:30 in the morning? Automatic timers will save you hours of electricity.

Light It Up: Finally, candles! Nothing provides ambiance like the gentle glow of a candle. If candles aren’t appropriate to have in your home, the latest versions of battery-powered candles have come a long way. Whatever type of lighting you choose, have fun with it!

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