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    How To Hire a Roofing Contractor

    How To Hire a Roofing Contractor

    Homeowners should educate themselves before they hire a roofing contractor. Be prepared with this helpful contractor checklist:

    Licensed and Insured: Every contractor should be licensed and insured. Each state requires an individual to pass specific exams and demonstrate proof of industry experience before they become a licensed contractor. Contractors must also be insured – homeowners may even request a copy of their insurance certificate. If an installer falls off the roof or a visitor is hit with flying debris, the homeowner will be held responsible if the contractor is uninsured.

    Roofing Reviews: Read online reviews from actual customers before contacting a contractor. Popular online review platforms include Google, Facebook, Houzz, Guild Quality, and Angie’s List. We encourage you to also read the company responses to both good and bad reviews – it can give you a look at their customer service style.

    Roofing and Business Credentials: Professional contractors are recognized by both roofing manufacturers and business organizations. It takes years of experience and positive business transactions to build relationships with these types of organizations. Is a contractor an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau? Have they been recognized as an industry leader by roofing manufacturers? Leaders in roofing are always seeking professional certifications and innovative industry practices.

    No, No, No Deposits! We cannot stress this enough – never give a deposit to a roofing contractor. Roofing is one of the most straight forward home improvements. If a contractor cannot afford to purchase materials for your roof installation than there is a problem. This is a clear indication of financial instability and can lead to unfinished projects or all out theft. Deposit requests for roofing is a red flag and should be heeded as a warning.

    Professional Website: Reputable contractors can always be found online. Be sure to check out their website. Is it current? Do they have an online portfolio? Quality contractors invest in their online presence – and a professional website is a must.

    Family and Friend Referrals: Friends and family are typically some of our most trusted advisers. Ask your neighbors, friends, and family who they have hired for home improvements in the past. They can provide you with firsthand knowledge about their contractor experiences.

    Trust your home to an award-winning roofing contractor, like Care Free Homes. We have over 40 years of experience and an extensive list of industry awards and credentials. We ask for no payments until the project is complete and the customer is completely satisfied. Qualified homeowners can even take advantage of our home improvement financing options.

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