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    How to Care for your Deck this Winter!

    How to Care for your Deck this Winter!

    During the cold brutal months of winter, the exterior of a home is more vulnerable to damage, including the deck. Make sure to keep your deck protected this winter by following these tips!

    Remove Excess Weight – Remove any heavy furniture, potted plants, coolers, or grills to eliminate excess weight on your deck. This will also make snow removal easier and prevent loose furniture from blowing around during a winter storm. During the holiday season, we often host family and friends. Make sure your deck can handle the extra weight of guests and always remove heavy snow. After removing excess weight check your deck to make sure its still in good shape. Not sure what to look for? Use this helpful guide to know when it’s time to replace your deck.

    Shovel with Care – Here in New England we are susceptible to multiple snowstorms. Avoid damaging your deck by using a plastic shovel or a broom to brush the snow away. Avoid using a metal shovel or shovels with a metal edge. Sharp edged shovels have the potential to gouge deck boards and can crack PVC deck posts and moldings if used too forcefully.

    Switch to AZEK Decking – Natural wood decking is vulnerable to the elements. Switching to a capped polymer decking like TimberTech AZEK will give you peace of mind! This maintenance free decking is fade, rot, insect, mildew, and moisture resistant all while mimicking the look of wood without all the costly upkeep. Backed by outstanding warranties it is easy to see why homeowners are making the change to composite decking. Check out these AZEK decking ideas for inspiration.

    Turn your Deck into a Sunroom – Cure the winter blues by converting your existing deck into a sunroom! A sunroom creates a special place where homeowners can enjoy the outdoors, family, friends, and entertain in climate-controlled comfort. No doubt about it a sunroom becomes everyone’s favorite room in the house! Save your back from extra shoveling this winter by installing an indoor oasis you will never want to leave.

    When the time comes to replace or convert your deck trust Care Free Homes to get the job done! We are an award-winning contractor with over 40 years of experience and have been an A+ Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau for over 25 years. We ask for absolutely no money until your project is complete also offer home improvement financing options to qualified homeowners. Get a free quote today by contacting us online or call (508) 997-1111 to make your house a Care Free home!