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    How to Choose the Right Windows for Your Massachusetts Home

    How to Choose the Right Windows for Your Massachusetts Home

    When you’re looking for new home windows, there can be a lot of choices to make, from style to function and what fits your budget. Windows are customizable, and each type serves a different purpose.

    Which Style is Right for You?

    There are a few things you should think about when trying to decide what window style is right for your home. Primarily what you want to figure out are style and function. What is the purpose of the window you want to install, and which style will fit your home best? When thinking about the purpose of the window, consider aspects such as natural light, airflow, and views. In terms of style, consider your personal style and the style of your home. Do you have a traditional house like a colonial or a modern home like a contemporary one? Do you like grid patterns or a clear view of the outdoors? Do you like the custom color window sashes or prefer classic white ones? 

    If you are having trouble deciding on one style, don’t sweat it, you can mix and match styles throughout your home to fulfill whatever purpose you have envisioned. Not to mention that windows are customizable! You can change the grids, color, trim, and hardware to make your windows stand out. 

    Read 4 ways you can customize your windows, check it out to learn more! 

    Types of Windows

    The four most popular styles of windows Care Free Homes installs are double-hung, casement, picture, and bay/bow windows. Each of these styles has its own characteristics:

    • Double-Hung Windows
      • Double-hung windows feature two sashes (frame units surrounding the glass panels) that slide up and down. These windows tilt open for easy cleaning and open from the top and bottom to allow airflow.
    • Casement Windows
      • Casement windows feature a handle that cranks open the window horizontally with hinges mounted on one side. Unlike double-hung windows, these windows generally allow more light to enter a room and maximize views.
    • Picture Windows
      • Picture windows create an unobstructed view or picture of your outside surroundings. These are known as “deadlight” windows because they do not open.
    • Bay/Bow Windows
      • Bay and Bow windows refer to a collection of windows that together form a unit that projects outward from the wall of the house. These windows make the room feel larger, provide a shelf for plants or home decor, and allow ample light into the space. 

    We have been installing windows for over 45 years and are one of the few Harvey Elite Series dealers and Andersen Certified Contractors in the area. We can offer homeowners energy package upgrades and warranties not available through other contractors. We also do window installations all year round, so you don’t have to wait for the warm weather to get yours replaced.

    If you’re looking for a way to give your home the refresh it needs with the quality and craftsmanship you deserve, contact Care Free Homes! Call us at 508-997-1111 or contact us online for your free quote today.