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    How to Clean your TimberTech Deck

    How to Clean your TimberTech Deck

    With spring finally here we can enjoy our decks to their full potential again, but before we start to sit back and relax, it’s good to give your deck some TLC. Yes, even a low maintenance decking type like TimberTech AZEK needs to be cleaned to keep its stunning look and to enhance its longevity. Below we will explain the dos and don’ts of cleaning a capped polymer decking.

    Dos – There is no limit on how often you should clean your deck but do make sure to clean it twice a year. When cleaning your deck the first thing you should do is use a soft bristle broom to brush off any debris, then grab a hose and hose down your deck. After that has been done do take a look around your deck for any spots of mold or residue. If you find any areas with either of those things use a soft brush/cloth and mild soapy water solution to get rid of any nasty residue. For tough cleaning jobs, you can use a power washer but make sure to use the correct settings for your decking type. The last thing you should do is give your deck one finally rinse off with a hose to make sure no soap or debris is left.

    Don’ts – While enjoying your deck you can drop food, oil, or grease. Do not just leave it there clean it as soon as possible with soapy water to keep your deck in its great condition. Also, when cleaning your deck do not use any metal tools like shovels to help remove debris or even ice after a snowstorm. They can dig up your deck and you don’t want that. Lastly, do not let any cleaning agents or soap sit and dry on your deck. You want to make sure to rinse all of that off to keep your deck looking good for longer!

    When cleaning your deck if you notice that your deck is a little worse for wear and might need to be replaced give Care Free Homes a call. We’ve been serving the community for over 40 years, offer financing options, outstanding warranties, and quality craftsmanship. Contact us online or call us today 508-997-111 for your FREE quote. Looking for inspiration? Check out our Pinterest and most popular decking projects here.