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    Is Your Roof Ready for Hurricane Season?

    Is Your Roof Ready for Hurricane Season?

    New England homeowners must always be prepared for hurricane season; is your roof ready for the high winds and torrential rains of a storm?
    Here are the storm-related components of a GAF Timberline HD storm-ready residential roofing system:

    Water Protection: GAF’s Shingle-Mate® Roof Deck Protection, GAF’s StormGuard® Film-Surfaced Leak Barrier, Drip Edge

    GAF’s Shingle-Mate Roof Deck Protection (often referred to as “felt paper”) is reinforced with fiberglass which helps shingles lay flatter than conventional felt paper. This both protects roof decking with a water resistant layer and makes the roof look beautiful. Bubbles in other types of felt paper are often slit to eliminate bumps which compromises water resistance. lifetime roofing system components

    In addition to roof deck protection, a quality leak barrier (often called water & ice shield), like GAF StormGuard, is installed to create a protective seal around chimneys, valleys, eaves, and rakes from water intrusion. Aluminum drip edge is also installed along the eves to improve water shedding efficiency. If not properly protected from a wind-driven rain and over-flowing gutters, roofs can leak causing serious damage to the interior of a home. Ceilings, insulation, and walls can be completely destroyed by water which is not only costly to replace but can pose a health risk from mold.

    Wind Protection: GAF’s Pro-Start Starter Course Shingles with Dura Grip®, GAF Advanced Protection ShinglesHurricane Prepared Roof Massachusetts

    We always install Pro-Start starter course shingles. Because this starter course features Dura Grip® Adhesive, shingles are tightly sealed to the roof deck which reduces the risk of shingles being blown off. GAF Advanced Protection shingles are manufactured to withstand winds up to 130 mph (all of our roofs are fastened with a specific hurricane nailing pattern)! As a Google Guaranteed, GAF MasterElite Roofing Contractor and GAF Consumer Protection Excellence Award Winner, our GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems come with a factory registered, 50 year non-prorated warranty! This gives our customers the peace of mind they deserve!

    Have questions about roof replacement? Learn more about the process by reading our 4 W’s of Roofing blog – we can help you decide which shingles are best, who to hire, what to expect and more! Browse our online portfolio to see photos of our most recent roofing projects.

    Is your roof ready for the storm? Is it showing signs of aging such as leaking, lifting or curling shingles? If so, contact us today for a FREE quote by calling (508) 997-1111, send us a text or by complete our online form! Make your house a Care Free home!