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    Maintaining a Critter-Free Roof

    Maintaining a Critter-Free Roof

    Animals or insects will often find shelter in the attic or roof spaces of a home. These uninvited guests can create problems with your roof, electric wires, spread disease and more. The usual points of entry include gaps or missing pieces of fascia or soffit, openings in exterior cladding or siding, open gable vents or windows, openings at the ridge or ridge vent and open or uncapped chimneys.

    If you have noticed any of the following there is a chance you might have some critters in your home:

    • Scurrying and scratching sounds
    • Signs of gnawing on wood and electrical cables
    • Animal or bird droppings
    • Signs of urination
    • Hives or nests

    To ensure your roof is critter-free use the following tips every spring:

    • Examine the exterior of the home to make sure any openings or gaps in the exterior cladding or siding are sealed
    • Ensure that areas of the fascia and soffit are tight and sealed with no gaps or openings
    • Close or cap chimney flue when not in use
    • Watch for odd animal behavior in your yard such as squirrels traveling across the roof or electrical wires
    • Trim trees and nearby foliage to prevent easy access to the roof
    • Perform regular inspections of the attic areas

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