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    Mastic SolarDefense Vinyl Siding Colors

    Mastic SolarDefense Vinyl Siding Colors

    Mastic Vinyl Siding is built tough! Giving homeowners a low maintenance experience they love. Constructed to stand up against harsh weather and the wear and tear of everyday life. It is easy to see why Mastic is the #1 siding choice among homeowners. With that being said, Mastic has given homeowners another reason to choose their siding. That reason would be their SolarDefense Reflective Technology Siding colors! One of the main problems people have with their siding is that the color fades over time due to strong UV rays, but SolarDefense provides next-generation protection from the sun with a new, breakthrough color formula, advanced light-reflecting properties, and an even stronger, heat-resistant base layer. Mastic is so confident in their fade-resistant vinyl siding that each color is backed by their No Fade, No Distortion Promise and VIP Lifetime Warranty. Let’s start exploring these amazing color options!


    Mastic SolarDefense Alpine Forest

    Mastic SolarDefense Brandy Wood

    Mastic SolarDefense Deep Cavern

    Mastic SolarDefense Mahogany

    Mastic SolarDefense Natural Slate

    Mastic SolarDefense Newport Bay

    Mastic SolarDefense Red Brick

    Mastic SolarDefense Rock Harbor

    Mastic SolarDefense Whispering Timber

    Mastic SolarDefense Woodland Retreat

    These ten beautiful dark shades seen above are your home’s best defense against the sun! No more having to worry about fading, chipping, or cracks. These SolarDefense siding colors give homeowners peace of mind. Interested in SolarDefense but are not sure what color would look good on your home? Use Mastic’s Virtual Design tool to help create your dream exterior. When the time comes to replace your siding give Care Free Homes a buzz! We offer financing options, free quotes, and quality craftsmanship! Call (508) 997-1111 or contact us online today.