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    Mastic Vinyl Siding and Trim in New Bedford, MA

    Mastic Vinyl Siding and Trim in New Bedford, MA

    Mastic Carvedwood Vinyl Siding in the color, Misty Shadow and Aluminum Trim have transformed this New Bedford, MA home.

    Mastic Carvedwood 44 Vinyl Siding is built to last, because it is engineered to handle harsh weather and the wear and tear of everyday life. It does not have to be re-painted or re-sealed like natural wood lap siding. Saving homeowners about $6000 Vinyl Siding, New Bedford, MA Contractorevery 4 years! As well as being fade, rot, and crack resistant you can expect your siding to continue to look as good as when it was first installed. With a huge assortment of styles, textures, and colors there is no limit of what you can choose for your perfect exterior. Additionally, with a VIP limited lifetime warranty and our 10 year workmanship guarantee homeowners can feel good that their home is protected. You can learn more about Vinyl Siding and the installation process on our 4 W’s of Vinyl Siding blog.

    We also installed Fabricated Aluminum Trim in the color, Scottish Thistle around the home to give our customer the ultimate curb appeal! Want your own maintenance-free exterior? Check out Mastic’s Virtual Design Tool and see how different types of siding and trim could look on your home! Care Free Homes has been in business for over 40 years and is an accredited A+ member of the Better Business Bureau. We provide top-quality workmanship, reliable customer service, and financing options. Call today or contact us online to set up your free quote 508-997-1111.