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    Middleboro, MA Roof Replacement

    Middleboro, MA Roof Replacement

    This Middleboro, MA home got a GAF Timberline HD roof replacement in Biscayne Blue! We completely stripped the old roof and gave this home ultimate protection with a GAF Timberline Lifetime Roofing System. Thanks to our status as a GAF MasterElite Contractor (only 3% of contractors in the U.S. have earned this credential) our customers will feel confident about the installation and quality of their roof replacement. GAF’s 50-year factory registered warranty covers both roof materials and labor – leaving our customers feeling secure!

    GAF Timberline HD Roof Shingles are the most popular roof shingle among our customers! This high performance shingle features a 130 mph wind rating and highest possible fire rating along with exceptional warranties. A GAF Lifetime Roofing System is complete with underlayment, ice & water shield, Drip Edge, Starter Strip and Ridge Vent! Here’s a quick breakdown of each component:

    Underlayment is a felt/paper product that is installed over the entire roof deck – providing an additional layer of protection between the roof deck and the roof shingles.
    Ice Dam and Water Shield provides further protection for eves, rakes, valleys, flashed areas around vent pipes, chimneys, dormers, and skylights.
    Premium Aluminum Drip Edge is installed along the rakes to improve the efficiency of water shedding, prevent leaking from a wind-driven rain and movement between the deck and fascia boards.
    GAF Pro-Start Eave/Rake Starter Strip is used to prevent shingle blow off. It’s an ultra-adhesive starter strip that secures shingles in place.
    GAF Cobra Ridge Vents provide essential airflow to eliminate excess heat and moisture in an attic. It prevents the growth of mold and protects the health of the homeowners as well as items stored in the attic.

    Safeguard your home with a GAF Lifetime Roofing System!  Call us today to schedule your free estimate.