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    Project Spotlight: New Bedford, MA Home Gets New GAF Roofing System!

    Project Spotlight: New Bedford, MA Home Gets New GAF Roofing System!

    This Cape Cod style home in New Bedford, Massachusetts is happy to have a new a GAF Timberline HD Lifetime Roofing system!

    With significant granule loss and lifting shingles, this roof definitely needed replacement! Here is a quick overview of how this roofing system was installed:GAF Timberline Roof

    1. We stripped off the existing roof and inspected all deck boards for water damage or rot.
    2. To prevent water damage from ice dams or a driving rain, Ice Dam and Water Shield was installed along all the rakes, eves, vent pipes, chimney, dormers and skylights. This roof is ready for the next blizzard, nor’easter or hurricane! (Speaking of hurricanes – our GAF Timberline HD Lifetime Roofing system can sustain winds up to 130 mile per hour!)
    3. Drip edge was installed along the rakes to improve water shedding efficiency – it pushes water off the roof and away from the home. It also prevents water penetration from a wind-driven rain and deters insects.
    4. Underlayment, a felt/paper product, was installed on the entire roof for additional protection between the roofing shingles and roof deck.
    5. GAF Pro-Start Eave/Rake Starter Strip was installed for maximum wind resistance. (You can learn more about Starter Course Shingles by reading this roofing blog)
    6. A GAF Cobra Ridge Vent was installed to allow proper ventilation of moisture and heat in the attic. This helps prevent mold and ice damming (since we’re talking ice dams – here are a few helpful ice dam protection tips)
    7. This GAF roof is featured in Williamsburg Slate, a beautiful color-blended, architectural shingle.

    Is your home ready for the New England weather? Contact us to get your FREE quote on a GAF Timberline HD Roofing system!