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    New GAF Roofing System, New Bedford, MA

    New GAF Roofing System, New Bedford, MA

    A new GAF roofing system makes this New Bedford, MA home ready for any New England weather!

    We stripped off the old 3-tab shingle roof (wind ratings of 3 tab roofs DO NOT meet local building codes) and and replaced it with a GAF Timberline HD Lifetime roofing system in Pewter Gray. Whether it’s a Nor’easter, Blizzard or hurricane – this house is ready! Thanks to GAF’s re-engineered shingles (they’re the only ones in the industry who actually used a research and development team to re-engineer and improve their shingles before upgrading their warranties.) this roof can withstand winds up to 130 mph! A GAF Cobra ridge vent provides proper ventilation and leak barrier protects against ice dams. (For an in-depth look at the anatomy of GAF Lifetime roofing system be sure to read this blog)

    Is your roof showing signs of aging? Do you notice curling or lifting shingles? Do you see streaks on your roof or granules in your downspouts? If so, it could be time to replace your roof before leaks create damage to the interior of your home. Major home improvement projects can be intimidating. Learn more about the roofing process by reading our 4 W’s of Roofing blog! We explain everything about what to expect, which shingles are best, who to hire and why you should make it Care Free!

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