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    New Year, New Roof Giveaway 2018

    SouthCoast Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island

    Congratulations to Barbara Britland of Swansea, MA!

    Help Choose the Winner of a GAF Timberline HD Roof!

    Perhaps it’s a single mom who works hard to support her family. Maybe it’s a friend overwhelmed with medical expenses or a neighbor who has fallen on hard times. We’re excited about our New Year, New Roof giveaway and we need your help to make it a success. Care Free Homes is giving one deserving homeowner a new GAF roof.  Here’s how it works:

    1. Members of the community nominate a homeowner in the New Year, New Roof service area.
    2. Care Free Homes reviews nominations and selects three finalists.
    3. The community votes to choose the winner!

    This giveaway is made possible thanks to a partnership between Care Free Homes, Inc. and GAF Roofing. We are also thankful for our community partners, United Way of Greater New Bedford, Cape and Islands United Way, and Black Tie Cookies!

    For more information about other giveaways or promotions, please visit our Community Programs page! Our New Year, New Roof Giveaway will take place again next year beginning January 1, 2019. Thank you for your interest and support of this wonderful iniative!



    Meet the 2018 New Year, New Roof Finalists!

    Hardworking, Single Mom Serves In Community

    FINALIST: Lenira Lima, Fairhaven, MA

    NOMINATED BY: Joseline Lima

    LENIRA’S STORY: Lenira immigrated to this country with her family when she was 14 years old and had to learn the language as she continued her high school education. At the age of 15 Lenira learned that she was expecting a child. Through her determination and persistence she was able to graduate high school and put herself through college while working to support herself and her son. Lenira was able to get her Criminal Justice degree and is now proud of her career as a police officer. She has been able to accomplish so many of her goals without ever receiving any financial assistance.

    Lenira has been doing everything on her own without any support for the last four years. After the boy’s Dad left, financial responsibility fell solely on her lap with no support from their Father. Through hard work and perseverance she was able to purchase her own home. She currently has a leaking roof that is in serious need of replacement (which has been long over-due). With finances being so tight any rainy day or harsh wind becomes a constant worry for how the roof will hold up. The repairs on the home have seemed endless and full of surprises. Just recently her pipes froze leaving her with no running water until the pipes were replaced.

    I could not see a better person to be able to benefit from this wonderful roof give away campaign. Please consider Lenira Lima, hard working single mother that dedicates her life to her family and community as the recipient of choice.

    New Year New Roof Giveaway MA, Cape Cod, RI

    Finalist: Lenira Lima, Fairhaven, MA

    Courageous Couple Fights Husband’s Cancer

    FINALIST: Barbara Britland, Swansea, MA

    NOMINATED BY: Dawn Britland and Colleen Millett

    BARBARA’S STORY: In October my Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell carcinoma lung cancer. My Dad is only 62 and has worked his entire life. My mom has taken a leave from work to take care of my dad and all of his appointments. Times have been really tough on them physically, emotionally, and financially. Their furnace broke and that was an added expense that they were not expecting and they need a new roof. My mom is one of the most caring and giving person. Everyone who knows my mom knows she is always the first person to help a loved one in need and would give the shirt off her back. I would love to see them win this contest. It would be one less thing for them to have to worry about during this very difficult time. – Dawn

    My friend Barbara is one of the most loving caring people I have ever known. Through the years I have had the pleasure of watching her be there for anyone who needed a hand. Barbara has helped me with charity projects including delivering pj’s to kids all around the Southcoast. If I had a battery that would not start, she would be there in the freezing cold to come and pick me up. Barbara’s husband Russ lost his job about a year ago now and that did not slow them down. Barbara picked up more hours at the local gym….Russ went to BCC to learn new skills and to become more marketable. Russ had decided to drive a school bus part-time to compensate his income once unemployment ran out. Unfortunately cancer had a different idea for Russ and his family. A few months back now what was thought to be double pneumonia was diagnosis of lung cancer and life has changed forever for my friends. They have needed a new roof and Russ was just waiting to get back to work to be able to make the roof a reality but with his diagnosis that is not going to be possible. – Colleen

    New Year New Roof MA RI Cape Cod

    Finalist: Barbara Britland, Swansea, MA



    Single Woman Devoted To Helping Others

    FINALIST: Sue Tchorz, Fairhaven, MA

    NOMINATED BY: Sandra King, Shelley Molnar, Debbie Soares

    SUE’S STORY: I hope that you will select Sue Tchorz as one of your three finalists for the new roof. She is struggling financially, and her roof needs to be replaced. Your very generous gift would make a huge difference to her.

    Although she doesn’t have much, Sue is very generous with her time and whatever resources she has. One example: she always remembers friends, family and co-workers birthdays, baking them beautifully decorated cakes. Despite a full time job, Sue was also the primary caregiver for her invalid mother for the past several years, up until her mother’s death in March of 2017. Because of Sue’s love and care, her mother was able to die at home, the way she wanted. Sue doesn’t have children of her own, however she is like a second mother to numerous nieces, nephews and now grand nieces and nephews. She has knitted countless afghans for all of them. Recently when one of the nieces gave birth to premature twins, Sue, with the help of her friends, organized a benefit supper to help with the huge hospital costs and raised almost $10,000.

    Because Sue has been such a generous and kind member of the community, it would be so wonderful for the community to show their appreciation for all she’s done by being able to vote for her as one of the three finalists in your contest. Thank you for your consideration.

    New Year, New Roof Giveaway Cape Cod, MA, RI

    Finalist: Sue Tchorz, Fairhaven, MA

    Lenira’s Message Board

    Best of luck girl! Hope you’re the winner.

    Helen DeCunha

    Lenira Lima Supporter

    Deus tá bençõe. Fé.

    Tatiana Freer

    Lenira Lima Supporter

    Good luck girl! Nobody deserves this more than you! You’re the hardest working girl I know! I’m praying for you.

    Melissa DePina

    Lenira Lima Supporter

    Lenira is a wonderful, hard working, single mom who deserves this gift.

    Thomas Simpson

    Lenira Lima Supporter

    Here’s hoping for a win for my hardworking friend!

    Elaine LaBelle

    Lenira Lima Supporter

    Being a single, working mom is the HARDEST job ever. Kudos to you for providing for your child while being a shining example for your son. God bless and good luck in the contest!

    Denise Drake

    Lenira Lima Supporter

    Good luck Lenira! I hope you win this, you deserve it!

    Angela Meredith

    Lenira Lima Supporter

    Good luck! Your perseverance and determination will pay off.

    Ryan Mitchell

    Lenira Lima Supporter

    You go girl! And thank you for your service to the community.

    Anne Marie Gallos

    Lenira Lima Supporter

    Barbara’s Message Board

    Barbara you have always been the kindest and easiest person to love! Good luck!!

    Mark Botelho

    Barbara Britland Supporter

    Good luck! I have not met you but I know the difficulties in having a family member with cancer. May you have faith, hope, and love during this fight, and hopefully a new roof!

    Jennifer Weaver

    Barbara Britland Supporter

    She’s got a heart of gold! Hope you win it.

    Tracey Furtado

    Barbara Britland Supporter

    Vote for Barbara. This woman is such a sweetheart and will go without to help others.

    Mia Cardeiro

    Barbara Britland Supporter

    Love you Barbara. You’re amazing. Thank you for always having a smile no matter what. Good luck ❤

    Melissa McDonald

    Barbara Britland Supporter

    This dream could not happen to a more deserving, loving and amazing person I know. GOOD LUCK!!

    Doug Gallant

    Barbara Britland Supporter

    They are great people with such big hearts, love you guys.

    Michael Devine

    Barbara Britland Supporter

    Hope you win!! You deserve it for all the love and kindness you put out to the universe! Xoxo

    Joyce Silvia

    Barbara Britland Supporter

    I have known Barbara and her family for so many years. They are the most caring, giving people in the town of Swansea. Barbara and her family need to experience good karma, especially at this time.

    Susan Grant

    Barbara Britland Supporter

    Sue’s Message Board

    She is a very giving person. Never a negative word from Sue- she’s the best.

    Diane Tapper

    Sue Tchorz Supporter

    Got my fingers crossed!! You deserve it!

    Linda Dlugosinski

    Sue Tchorz Supporter

    This is awesome Sue!! Hope you win!!

    Kelley Ostiguy

    Sue Tchorz Supporter

    Voting for you Sue!!! Praying you win.

    Lorna-Jean Souza

    Sue Tchorz Supporter

    All in for you Suz. You deserve it…good luck!

    Brian Southrey

    Sue Tchorz Supporter

    It would be a blessing for this unsung hero to be celebrated with this gift of a new roof. Best of Luck!!

    Barbara Cournoyer

    Sue Tchorz Supporter

    I know too well the struggles of caring for a dying parent and the selfless heart you must have. For all you do for others I am hopeful you will get this roof done for you. Well deserved. God Bless.

    Nancy Cardoza

    Sue Tchorz Supporter

    Good luck!! Like icing on a cake, a new roof is just what your house needs.

    Ron O'Berry

    Sue Tchorz Supporter

    You do so much for so many, Sue. You deserve this!

    Jennifer Crowley

    Sue Tchorz Supporter

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