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    Outdoor Deck Decorating Ideas!

    Outdoor Deck Decorating Ideas!

    With warmer weather finally here we can start enjoying our deck spaces to their full potential! Here are some great deck decorating ideas to make your deck space pop! 

    Seating – Seating is a crucial piece of deck decor. When choosing seating maybe think of something multi-functional for example a bench with added storage space. This is especially great for homeowners who have smaller decks and really need to think about how to utilize the space. 

    Pergola/Canopy – Protect your deck from the sun and increase your privacy by installing a pergola or an awning. Pergolas are great to let in a breeze and some Pergolas Cape Cod, MA, Rhode Island sunshine while also giving you a place to display plants. Canopies are perfect for homeowners who want something that will help block sun exposure and can be purchased as stationary or retractable. If a pergola or an canopy structure is outside your budget – adding an outdoor umbrella can serve the same purpose at a much cheaper cost.  

    Decorative Pillows – Pillows add comfort and style to your deck. With many colors and fun patterns decorative pillows can turn a bland bench/seating area into an eye-catching piece of furniture. Another great thing about pillows is they can easily be swapped out season to season and year to year without breaking the bank. 

    Deck Dinning Table Dining – Create a space where friends and family can enjoy a meal outside! If you love to grill or just enjoy being outdoors why not set up a table and some chairs for your next family dinner or party. 

    Lighting – Installing lighting in or around your deck allows you to not only enjoy your deck during the day but at night as well, and who doesn’t love hanging outside on a gorgeous summer night!? Create the perfect ambiance with string lights, light posts, lanterns, and built-in deck lights. Installing lights will also create a safer deck space and will help ensure no one trips or falls.

    Drink Railing – Whether you are entertaining or just hanging out with the family having a railing to put your drinks on just makes life a little easier. 

    Plants – Plants are a great way to fill empty space and add a nice natural element. You can even choose plants that help naturally repel mosquitoes away (lavender, marigolds, rosemary, bee balm, and more) to keep your deck mosquito free! 

    Deck Decorating Ideas

    Rug – Depending on the type of look you are going for an outdoor rug can tie your deck space altogether. Outdoor rugs are made with different materials that are created to last against outdoor weather so you won’t have to worry about your rug getting ruined as soon as you buy it. Another great thing about outdoor rugs is they are an inexpensive way to add some color to your deck.

    Lots of Color – If you are someone who likes to play it neutral why not step out of your comfort zone and add color. Color is a fun way to brighten up a space and add personality. Certain colors are also known to brighten up your mood so why not create a space that brings you joy!  

    Check out our Pinterest for more great outdoor decking ideas! Don’t have a deck but want one or your deck is looking a little worse for wear? Give Care Free Homes a buzz, we offer financing options and free quotes. Contact us online or call today 508-997-1111.