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    Pergola Styles and Decor

    Pergola Styles and Decor

    Pergolas are a great addition to any backyard deck! They provide added privacy and shade from the sun. This makes it perfect for homeowners who enjoy entertaining outside. Want to upgrade your deck space with a stylish pergola? Here are some options to choose from!

    Styles of Pergolas

    Free Standing Pergola

    Free Standing – A freestanding pergola typically has four posts and stands without being attached to a structure. The highlight of having a freestanding pergola is that there is no limit on height and overall size. 



    Attached – An attached pergola extends from the wall of your home. This creates a connected space between the inside and outside of your home.



    Circular – The common type of pergolas you see are usually rectangular or square-shaped whereas a circular pergola has a round top. This playful style option would be the perfect choice to have over a fire pit!



    Walkway – If you have a long walkway around your home and want to spruce it up a walkway pergola could be the answer. It is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere and can lead your guests to your front door, garden, or outdoor entertaining space.


    Ways to Decorate your Pergola

    Pergola Canopy

    Canopy – The top of a pergola has cross beams and a lattice design to help block the sun though it does not block out the sun completely. If you are someone who wants to completely block out the sun investing in a canopy or a retractable canopy is something to consider. Canopy’s come in different styles and colors so you can choose what best fits your overall style.


    Curtains – Adding curtains to your pergola is not just another way to add more shade and privacy it’s a great way to add some color! You can either tie them up or untie them depending on your mood and how much sun you want to let in. If you decide to add curtains make sure they are weather friendly.


    Plants – Plants can really make your pergola stand out. Climbing plants are a beautiful way to decorate! They wrap around the whole structure and give off European vacation vibes. If climbing plants are not your style hanging plants are another option to make your pergola pop.  


    Lights – Purchasing string lights to hang around your pergola creates a cozy atmosphere and lets you entertain into the night. String lights are not the only way to light your pergola. You can mount lights on the posts or hang lights from the top. 


    If a pergola is just what your outdoor space needs give Care Free Homes a call! We offer financing options and outstanding warranties. Call today 508-997-1111 for your free quote and check out our Pinterest for more pergola ideas.