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    Phil Paleologos, Local Radio Host, Makes It Care Free!

    Phil Paleologos, Local Radio Host, Makes It Care Free!

    Local radio talk show host and Care Free Homes customer, Phil Paleologos, is known for his happy-go-lucky personality on and off the air.

    New Year New Roof Swansea MA

    2018 New Year, New Roof Giveaway Winners, Barbara & Russ Britland of Swansea, MA

    “Phil’s smile can be heard even while he’s broadcasting over the airwaves. It’s a genuine personality trait that carries over to both his career and his family.” said friend and Care Free Homes Marketing Manager, Stephanie Pickup.

    While Phil’s playful radio banter provides great entertainment, his extremely loyal audience also appreciates his compassion and opinions.

    “I think Phil’s love for anything and everything good is one of his most endearing qualities. If we need help spreading the word about things like our New Year, New Roof roof giveaway with GAF – Phil is always willing to lend us his voice or a microphone to speak for ourselves.” Pickup said.

    Whether it is local news and politics or charitable initiatives, Phil Paleologos’ passion for the SouthCoast reverberates throughout the community.

    “Phil has earned the trust of thousands of local residents. They truly value and appreciate what he has to say. We’re so fortunate to have him as a friend, community advocate, and Care Free Homes customer.” said Pickup.

    This article was featured in the Standard Times Gatefold Advertisement on May 7, 2016.