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    Care Free Homes Donates Red Panda Exhibit Roof

    Care Free Homes Donates Red Panda Exhibit Roof

    The Buttonwood Park Zoo of New Bedford, MA unveiled their Red Panda exhibit on May 1, 2019; Jacob, the zoo’s newest resident, is enjoying a roof donated by Care Free Homes.

    The Red Panda is currently an endangered species whose population has declined by 50% over the past 20 years. Buttonwood Park Zoo, one of only 233 accredited zoos and aquariums in the United States, has partnered with the Red Panda Network to help reestablish both the population and raise awareness of conservation efforts.

    Red Panda Exhibit New Bedford MA

    Jacob the Red Panda. Photo Credit: Buttonwood Park Zoo

    Jacob has both an outdoor play area and a protected, indoor home. We built and installed the roof of Jacob’s home using RPI Black EPDM, a non-toxic, synthetic rubber roofing product. A Velux Sun Tunnel, designed with highly reflective mirrors, was also installed to capture natural light from the roof.

    We were so excited to be part of the Red Panda project and look forward to the continued growth and success of the beautiful Buttonwood Park Zoo. This exhibit is just one of their many recent additions. We were also excited to support the zoo’s Rainforests, Rivers, and Reefs exhibit where visitors can meet Bernardo, the Two-Toed Sloth, Bolvian Gray Titi monkeys, Hawk-Headed Parrots, Garden Eels, interactive touch tanks, and more!  Children can also enjoy Charlie’s Nature Play, an unstructured play area where kids can splash, build, dig, imagine and grow!

    Be sure to follow the BP Zoo on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for their latest events and updates. Congratulations on your new habitat Jacob – we hope you enjoy your new, Care Free home!