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    Replacement Windows FAQ

    Replacement Windows FAQ

    How often should I replace my home’s windows?
    There are many signs that indicate when windows need to be replaced.  Some indications include:

    • Windows freeze shut
    • Windows are painted or nailed shut
    • Condensation, fogging or frost
    • High energy bills
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    What’s the best kind of window frame for my home?
    Choose a window based on your aesthetic style and maintenance requirements. Wood windows are perfect for homeowners who love natural wood or like to change the color of the window trim.  However, wood windows do require regular maintenance and are susceptibility to rot and insect damage. Vinyl windows provide you with an equally beautiful yet maintenance free option. Both wood and vinyl replacement windows provide significant energy savings and value to your home.

    Can replacement windows be installed year-round?
    Yes! Our certified installation crew works year round. We will replace one window at a time so you don’t need to worry about energy loss.

    How long will it take to install my replacement windows?
    It takes approximately two days to replace all the windows in an average size home. This varies depending on the size of the job and the type of windows being installed.

    How should I prepare my home for the window installation?
    It’s as easy as removing your window treatments, security sensors and curtain rods.  To be safe, you might also want to move furniture and belongings from around windows.

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