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    Should I Buy Hurricane High Impact Windows?

    Should I Buy Hurricane High Impact Windows?

    As homeowners, we must make the big decision of what type of window is best for our home. Storm and hurricane windows, though similar in some ways to standard replacement windows, have their own added benefits. We list those benefits below to help make your decision easier. 

    Storm-Proof Windows

    Energy Efficient – One of the biggest benefits of installing storm windows is their energy efficiency! If your windows have any gaps or openings they will let air in and out which can be costly on your utility bills. Making the change to storm windows will ensure that there is no room for air to flow. Storm windows are an investment that pay off themselves in the long run since it will keep heating and cooling costs down.

    Protects Primary Windows – Storm windows act as a shield to your primary windows. This means your windows are protected from the everyday elements and also that your primary windows will stay in great condition longer.

    Reduce Dust and Pollen – Since storm windows can block wind and heat from entering your home they also help block allergens like dust and pollen from entering. Making it a perfect option for those who have bad allergies throughout the seasons.

    Hurricane Resistant Windows

    Extreme Durability – Hurricane windows are extremely durable and have been created to handle hurricane turbulent winds, heavy rainfall, and flying debris. During a hurricane, if your windows end up breaking it can cause much bigger issues in the home and can affect your family’s safety. If you live in an area where hurricanes are prevalent choosing this window type will help ensure everyone’s safety and give you peace of mind as a homeowner.  

    Noise Reduction – If you live in a very noisy neighborhood making the upgrade to hurricane windows will help make your home a tranquil heaven.

    Help Prevent Break-ins – Since hurricane windows are built tough and made to handle harsh weather conditions as well as flying objects, they are great windows to help to stop break-ins. On average burglaries occur 2.5 million times a year and 66% of those are home break-ins. That being said, making the change to hurricane windows makes it much more difficult for burglars to break your windows by physical force keeping your family a little safer.

    The benefits of installing new windows can be felt almost immediately! When the time comes to replace your windows trust your home improvement project to Care Free Homes. We are one of the few Harvey Elite Window Dealers in the area, have a long list of awards and accreditations, and have been A+ accredited members of the Better Business Bureau for over 25 years! Get a FREE quote today by contacting us online or by calling 508-997-1111.