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    Signs You Need a New Roof

    Signs You Need a New Roof

    Inspecting your roof annually is the best way to spot problems before they cause damage to your home. Here are some signs you need a new roof.

    Age of the Roof: A properly installed roof generally lasts 20-25 years. If your roof is getting to that age it is nearing the end of its lifespan.

    signs you need a new roofCurling Shingles: Curling roof shingles can be caused by insufficient attic ventilation, a faulty product, improper installation, or just old age. Curling shingles are brittle and will eventually crack and cause roof leaks. Chances are you will need to replace the roof if your shingles are curling.

    Missing Granules: Granules do come off naturally as a roof ages, but if you notice lots of missing granules or if you see granules in your gutters it might be time for a new roof.

    Buckling Shingles: A buckling roof can be a result of either roof decking not being installed correctly, improper installation of underlayment, or from installing new shingles over an old roof.

    Missing or Broken Shingles: An older roof might eventually lose sealant & become loose or fall off. Tough weather or falling debris can signs you need a new roofalso contribute to shingle damage. If you have a large amount of missing shingles, it is generally a sign of improper fastening or exposure to high winds and your roof should be replaced.

    Blistering Shingles: Blistering Shingles can be a sign of inadequate attic ventilation or extreme temperatures and humidity. If these blisters pop you will start to notice missing granules.

    Ceiling Stains: If you notice ceiling stains or water damage of roof wood you might have a roof leak. These leaks are sometimes difficult to pinpoint, so you might need to call an expert.

    Now that you know the signs, you can stop a roofing problem before it does damage to your home.  Contact us today to schedule your free estimate! (508) 997-1111