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    We’re a Fairhaven Acushnet Youth Athletics Sponsor!

    We’re a Fairhaven Acushnet Youth Athletics Sponsor!

    We’re a proud sponsor of Fairhaven Acushnet Youth Athletics!

    F.A.Y.A., a member of the Pop Warner organization, offers instructional and competitive youth football and cheer. Volunteer coaches and team parents help promote honor, courage, and commitment among athletes ages 5-13.

    Our sponsorship allows the league to purchase new equipment such as shoulder pads, helmets, and more. As parents of active children, we understand how costly competitive youth sports can be today. By supporting Fairhaven Acushnet Youth Athetics, we help make youth sports more affordable to local families and help keep our athletes safe.

    We are also excited to announce our project manager, Dana Jr., is coaching the Blue Devil Mighty-Mites for the fall 2018 season! To register your child or become a Fairhaven Acushnet Youth Athletics sponsor, visit their website for more information. We encourage you to explore our Care Free community page to learn about other fantastic organizations and initiatives. Good luck to all the F.A.Y.A. athletes and coaches this season!