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    Summer Home Maintenance Checklist!

    Summer Home Maintenance Checklist!

    Summer is finally here! Use the warm weather to your advantage and get stuff done around the home! Here is a checklist to get you started. 

    Window Screens – if you had taken your window screens out during the cooler months now is the time to put them back in. Screens allow you to open your windows and stop debris and bugs from coming in while also giving your home much needed ventilation. This is also a great opportunity to wash your windows to remove any gunk that has accrued over the past months.  

    Clean out Garage – We are all guilty of throwing stuff in our garage just to “clean” it later. Summer is the perfect time to organize all the clutter you have been hoarding for months. This is a project that will probably take a whole weekend so make sure to set time aside just for this task. If you plan to do a really deep clean you can arrange to have a dumpster come to your home so you can get rid of large amounts at once. Care Free Customers can rent a dumpster straight from Care Free Homes. Get more information here

    Clean Outdoor Furniture – With nicer weather, we spend most of our time outdoors! Make sure all outdoor furniture is clean so it can be enjoyed without having to worry about getting your clothes dirty.

    Check Exterior for Issues – Summer is the perfect time to check your home for any exterior issues it might have. Do your windows not shut properly, does your roof look discolored or old, does your siding look a little worse for wear, are there any nails sticking out of your deck? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then now is the perfect time to do something about it.

    Check Hoses and Irrigation Systems– As our lawns and plants need water during the hotter months its important to make sure your hoses and sprinklers are in good working condition. Make sure they are not broken, misdirected, blocked, and especially not leaking because that can raise your water bill. 

    Check Safety Devices – Make sure all safety devices in the home are working properly and should be checked monthly. If your safety devices are older than 10 years it’s time to replace them. Don’t forget to also check that the fire extinguishers in the home are not expired.  

    Tuneup Yard Supplies – Keep yard tools in tip-top shape by tuning them up before all their hard work during the summer. Making sure your lawn mower, trimmer, and favorite sheers are ready to go will make doing yard work easier and safer. 

    Clean AC Filters – Your air conditioner will probably be working overtime so make sure that its filter is clean to do its job properly or replace if needed.

    Clean Carpets – Carpets collect dust, dirt, and whatever else your shoes track in! Use this time to give your carpets a deep clean and hang them outside to dry or if your home is carpeted call in a carpet cleaning company. 

    Dedicate a Space for Beach Stuff – Love to go to the beach? Create a designated space at home to drop off beach towels, beach sandals, and beach bags to help prevent the spread of sand around the home.  

    Going Away? Keep Home Safe – With kids out of school and warmer weather, summer tends to be the time were a lot of family’s travel for vacation. Before you leave on your trip take some precautionary measures to keep your home and belongings safe while you are away. If you trust your neighbors let them know to keep an eye on your home, hire a house sitter, keep your lawn well maintained, and invest in motion sensor/smart lights. For more theft prevention tips click here!

    Empty Standing Water – Standing water is a birthing ground for mosquitoes! Minimize your contact with mosquitoes by emptying any standing water around the yard.

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