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    Top 4 Vinyl Siding Myths Debunked

    Top 4 Vinyl Siding Myths Debunked

    Vinyl siding has progressed greatly since it’s introduction in the ’50’s and it’s now an extremely popular siding choice because it’s low maintenance, affordable, durable and beautiful! Let’s finally clear up some of the myths about vinyl siding that you may have heard.

    Myth: All vinyl siding looks alike

    Truth: When vinyl siding was first introduced into the industry the style and color options were extremely limited. Today, there are many styles, finishes, colors and accessories to meet just about any homeowner’s requests. You can create a look that’s very different from a neighbor’s home that also has vinyl siding.

    Myth: Vinyl siding isn’t durable

    Truth: Quality vinyl siding such as Mastic Home Exteriors is designed to last!  For example, Mastic Carvedwood 44® will withstand winds of up to 200 mph, can tolerate seasonal temperature fluctuations and is impact tested. Mastic also offers a V.I.P Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    Myth: Vinyl siding looks cheesy

    Truth: If you choose superior products and an experienced vinyl siding installer your vinyl siding will look beautiful! Cedar Discovery by Mastic looks like real wood and most people even think it’s indistinguishable from genuine cedar shakes.

    Myth: Vinyl siding is destructive to the environment

    Truth: Vinyl siding is one of the most environmentally friendly siding materials available, especially in comparison to brick and fiber cement. Manufacturers such as Mastic strive to create products that contribute to energy savings and reduce environmental impact.

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