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    Ways to Make your Home Energy Efficient

    Ways to Make your Home Energy Efficient

    Make your home more energy efficient and save on your electric bill by following these tips:

    Get an Audit – An energy audit is a great way to find out where around your home the most energy is being wasted. During your visit, you will receive a custom report and advice on what changes you should make. You can find more information about what an energy audit entails and how to sign up for a free assessment on Mass Save’s website

    Switch to LED Bulbs – The great thing about switching all your light bulbs to LED’s is that they consume less energy and last longer. This means, in the long run, they are the most cost effective option and who doesn’t love to save money! 

    Upgrade Windows – Old windows can let drafts in causing your electric bill to rise. Making the switch to energy efficient windows will not only help raise the resell value of your home but will also help keep money in your pocket! A great energy efficient option is Harvey Double Hung Windows. These windows are a customer favorite for many reasons. They have a timeless look, they are easy to clean, and have an airtight seal. Not sure if it is time to replace your windows? Find out here

    Install a Storm Door – Just like windows, doors are one of the main culprits of drafts. Installing a storm door will give your home an added layer of protection. This especially great for us New England homeowners who have to deal with winter storms. They also prevent air leaks and let homeowners open their front door during the warmer months to add increased ventilation in the home. 

    Seal Windows and Doors – When doors and windows are properly sealed heat and cold stay in and out! This will improve the comfort of your home and will allow your HVAC Systems to work properly. 

    Install a Smart Thermostat – Thanks to technology, being energy efficient is easier than ever! An example of this is investing in a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are easy to install and over time they easily adjust to your temperature patterns. They can also be controlled when you are away from home so you will always have control over your home’s temperature.

    Unplug Devices Not in Use – It can be a hassle to unplug electronic devices, but even if a device is turned off it still eats up energy when plugged in. Taking the time to unplug your devices conserves energy and will help you save up to $100 a year. Instead of dealing with the hassle of unplugging every individual thing invest in power strips or a Kasa Smart Plug. Power strips/Kasa Smart Plugs allow you to plug in multiple things at once and will allow you to completely shut them off at the press of a button. 

    Run Appliances Only When Full – Instead of doing small loads of laundry and dishes wait until your dishwasher/hamper is full. Also, be mindful to use cold water when doing laundry because using warm water requires way more energy.  

    Use a Ceiling Fan All Year Round – People tend to use their ceiling fans only in the summer, but using it all year round can be beneficial. For example, letting your fan go clockwise will produce an updraft that will push warm air down which is good for the winter months.

    Taking these steps will help cut your utility bills in half and will also help the environment! For more helpful tips check out our Care Free Blog and Follow us on Pinterest