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    When Should I Replace my Siding?

    When Should I Replace my Siding?

    Siding, regardless of the style, protects your home from the elements and is essential to adding curb appeal. It is important to make sure your natural wood or vinyl siding is in tip-top shape to perform its job correctly. Check for these signs to see if it’s time to replace your siding.

    Cracked/Loose Siding – Storm after storm your siding is being affected. If your siding is cracked or becomes loose it can expose the structure underneath to water and insects. Not only is this an eyesore it can lead to much bigger issues for your home.

    Rot – Siding protects your home from Mother Nature and after years of rain, snow, and hail it takes a toll. Once it begins to rot and crumble it cannot do its job properly, leaving your home open to damage. If you notice a few shingles have rotted thoseVinyl Siding Contractor, Fairhaven, MA can be easily replaced but once it starts to spread you need to fully replace your siding.

    Moisture and Mold – If you start to notice that moisture is entering your home it’s a possibility that something is wrong with your siding. Once moisture enters and is not taken care of right away it could ruin the insulation of your home and mold can start to form. Mold is not an easy cheap fix. It is important to find out right away where the moisture is coming from, so you can make sure your family is safe and not have to spend crazy money.

    Vinyl Siding Contractor, Fairhaven, MAWarping – After many years of sun exposure and moisture infiltration your siding can warp. An additional culprit is if your vinyl siding was nailed too tightly because vinyl siding needs a bit of wiggle room to expand and contract depending on the temperature. When it does not have that wiggle room your siding can bulge out and warp.

    Fading – After being exposed to the sun and its UV rays constantly the color of your siding will start to fade and show its age. A way to combat fading is to install siding with Solar Defense Technology. Mastic offers Solar Defense Siding with a UV-stable polymer that ensures your siding does not fade over time but continues to look beautiful for years to come.

    Energy/Gas Bill has Spiked – If you start to feel a draft near the walls and notice that your electric bill is higher than usually Vinyl Siding Contractor, Fairhaven, MAyour home could benefit from new siding because it will create a more controlled climate.

    Frequent Need To Repaint – If you find that your natural wood siding need to be repainted too frequently you should consider installing new siding. Cedar shingles and clapboards will start to rot, lift, split, or curl when they fail. You can choose to repaint every few years or eliminate the need to paint completely and decide to install vinyl siding. Vinyl siding has come a long way since it was first introduced. It used to get a bad rap for being ugly and cheesy, but modern vinyl siding mimics the look of natural wood siding and is virtually maintenance fee.

    If you notice any of these signs then it is time to think about replacement. Whether you are deciding to replace your homes current siding with vinyl or cedar Care Free Homes has you covered! We have been in business for over 40 years and take pride in our quality service and craftsmanship. Take it from our customer Lynda and listen to her vinyl siding review here! When the time comes to replace your siding call us for a free quote 508-997-1111.