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    When to Replace Your Windows

    When to Replace Your Windows

    Windows have an important job when it comes to your home. They keep the rain out, keep your home properly ventilated, and help keep your home at a controlled temperature. Year after year windows go through everyday wear and tear which affects their condition over time. To make sure your home is protected and comfortable check your windows for these signs.

    Difficult to Open and Close – When your windows are difficult to open and close it will impact the safety of your home. It won’t provide a tight seal against leaks/wind and will prevent you from allowing fresh air into your home.

    Windows Drop – When the spring system in a window is broken or weakened a window can just slide down without warning. This can be dangerous and can let unwanted wind in without you noticing.

    Water is Leaking Through – If you notice that water is coming into your home through your windows then it is time to replace them. Replacing them sooner than later is important because water damage can create larger problems for your home.

    Visible Damage – Signs of chipping, deterioration, or water stains on or around your windows may indicate rot and water damage. Visible damage not only looks unattractive but can also show that your windows may be inadequate to function properly.

    Windows Freeze Open or Shut – When moisture infiltrates your windows they can freeze when temperatures drop. Meaning the seals between the window panels have been broken and your windows have to be replaced. If you notice that the seals are not broken then it could be one of these not so serious issues that can be easily fixed.

    Hear Outside Noise – Coming home to peace and quiet is something we all enjoy, but it can be disturbed if your windows are not sealed properly or have an outdated glass. Installing windows with sound-reducing glass will ensure the tranquility of your home.

    High Energy Bills – During the wintertime if you find your energy bill has spiked it might be your windows not doing their job properly. They are letting the cold air in and the hot air out causing your bill to go up. You can decrease your bill by installing energy-efficient windows which will be great on your wallet in the long run.

    Windows are Outdated – Having old outdated windows not only give your home an outdated appearance but also do not have some of the added benefits of the newer windows. There are extra coatings you can add on and even noise-canceling options. Older windows could also be letting in high amounts of UV light which can harm your furniture and carpets. Spending the money to update your windows can modernize your home for the better.

    If you notice any of these signs when checking your windows then it’s time to replace them. Learn more about the installation process and what window is best for your home by reading our 4 W’s of Replacement Windows blog. When the time comes to replace your windows call or contact Care Free Homes online for a free quote (508) 997-1111. Check out one of our window projects here!