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    10 Reasons to Choose Fiber Cement Siding

    Fiber Cement siding is a great alternative to vinyl and wood products.  This siding is mixture of cement, wood fiber, sand and clay. Products such as Weatherboards® and James Hardie® offer superior warranties and benefits to make choosing your home’s siding easy.  Here are 10 reasons to choose fiber cement for your home’s exterior.

    Fiber cement lap siding

    • Durable – Fiber Cement siding has the durability of cement, yet it is lighter than wood & stone products.
    • Fire Resistant – Fiber Cement is highly resistant to ignition with a class 1A fire rating on most brands.
    • Insect resistant – Termites and carpenter ants aren’t interested in fiber cements because there isn’t enough wood in the product.
    • Rot resistant – Does not absorb water so it does not expand and shrink in wet conditions.
    • Low-maintenance – Paint lasts longer on fiber cement because it does not expand and shrink.  Most manufacturers also offer pre-primed and painted boards.
    • Impact-resistant – Most brands are designed to withstand high winds to reduce any property damage from hail and windblown debris.
    • Environmentally friendly – fiber cement siding is composed of natural and sustainable raw materials that are not sourced from endangered environments.
    • Made to mimic wood siding – you can get the look of natural wood siding with fiber cement.  It is available in shakes, lap siding, vertical siding, half rounds, octagons and a plethora of colors!
    • Warranty – Many manufacturers are offering a 50-year limited warranty & 15-year limited warranty on paint.
    • Affordable – Fiber cement is less expensive than natural wood siding.  You’ll also spend less on painting and maintenance over time.

    Consider fiber cement siding for your home improvement project!

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