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    Window Screen Cleaning Guide

    Window Screen Cleaning Guide

    Window screens are exposed to all the elements along with allergens, dust, dirt, mold, insects and more. Try to include cleaning your window screens along with the rest of your annual home cleaning routine! Be sure to check your manual for your specific windows before cleaning any screens.

    Step 1: Remove the window screens and label which window it came from to make re-installation easy.

    Step 2: Lay screens on a flat, clean surface such as a tarp.

    Step 3: Use the low setting of your garden hose to spray off debris and dirt. If that does the trick move on to step 4. If the window screen has more stuck on dirt – use a mixture of mild soap and water and a clean cloth for a deeper clean. You can then rinse away the soap and water with the garden hose.

    Step 4: Allow the screens to completely air dry before replacing them in the window or door.

    Step 5: Enjoy the view!

    Window Screen Care Tip: If your windows are subjected to snow and ice in the winter you should consider removing screens for the season. Screens can accumulate snow and ice which can be heavy – causing damage to the screens.