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    6 Energy Saving Tips for Winter in New England

    6 Energy Saving Tips for Winter in New England

    Autumn is here and the winter is just around the corner! Don’t let the New England snow storms bury you and your house in excessive utility bills! Here are some Care Free tips for staying warm and reducing energy costs during the cold weather months!

    1. Schedule a checkup of your heating system to optimize and improve efficiency. Inspect and replace air filters – a dirty filter makes your heating system unnecessarily work harder and waste energy. If you have an inefficient heating system (older than 10 years) consider replacing it with an ENERGY STAR® system.  In addition to saving you up to 30% in energy costs per year, you could also qualify for a consumer rebate.

    2. Increasing or filling gaps in your insulation will help keep homes warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and save money all year round. To ensure the best R-value from your insulation, seal air leaks before installing additional insulation.

    3.  Install a digital thermostat to adjust temperature settings automatically to minimize the work for your heating system.  Program the thermostat for cooler temperatures during the day while you’re at work and at bedtime while you’re tucked under the blankets.  Do you like it to be cozy when you step out of bed in the morning? Set your thermostat to a warmer temperature in the morning for a more comfortable wakeup routine.

    4.  Be sure to change the direction of airflow on your ceiling fan. During the winter months, let the fan push warm air down toward the floor.  If you don’t already have a ceiling fan, consider installing one – it provides better air circulation for a more comfortable, evenly heated home.

    5.  Replace traditional light bulbs with ENERGY STAR® qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs.  They use 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than a standard light bulb. When decorating your home for the holidays, opt to use LED lights instead of the typical mini-lights. Not only do they reduce fire risk because they are cooler but they use one-tenth of the energy.

    6.  Replace drafty doors and windows with Energy Star rated replacements.  The average New England Home Owner saves $465 a year by installing Energy Star replacement windows! Consumer tax credits are available for select Energy Star rated windows! If you are thinking about replacing your old windows with new energy efficient replacement windows, contact us online or give us a call at (508)997-1111 to schedule a no cost, no obligation estimate!  Let us make your house a Care Free home!

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