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    Winterizing your Vacation Home

    Winterizing your Vacation Home

    Here’s a checklist for winterizing your vacation home that’s perfect whether you have a vacation home on the beach or in the mountains. It’s best to go through the list a few weeks before you plan to close your home in order to leave time for any maintenance.

    • Inspect your roof for missing, curling or damaged shingles or any moss or lichen growth as these can significantly damage your roof. Also, check the attic for water stains or signs that your roof is leaking.
    • Clean leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts to prevent ice-damming and water damage. Ensure downspouts are draining away from the house to prevent foundation damage.
    • Inspect windows & doors for air leaks and make sure locks are working properly.  Replace any windows that could pose a security threat.
    • Check the stairs, railings and boards on decks & porches for safety.  Also, secure or put away all outdoor furniture.
    • Turn the water off from the house as well as washing machines, toilets, and faucets and drain pipes to avoid freezing pipes.
    • Unplug all appliances to ensure there won’t be any fires from faulty switches.

    Winterizing your home can be quick and easy.  Go through this list each year before you close up your vacation home to ensure you don’t arrive in the spring to find any surprises.